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University Technology and Information Plan 2018-2023

Greetings!  Welcome to the University of Richmond’s first integrated strategy for technology and information.  This plan, developed over 19 months through engagement with the stakeholders, partners, and end users, is designed to harness modern technologies and robust information resources to enable teaching excellence, facilitate new avenues of scholarship, amplify efforts to promote student success, and facilitate responsible stewardship. This plan is built around four goals each supporting one or more elements of the University Strategic Plan. While some goals are deferred, some are currently underway.  

This plan, is not, I repeat, is not an Information Services Division plan.  We were purposeful at the beginning to develop a plan for the university, not the division, as technology and information can be found in every corner of the university.  Hence the name, University Technology and Information Plan.  I know, this is mouthful.  You can call it the Information Technology or IT Strategic Plan, just as long as you know it is a University and not a Division plan. Yes, Information Services, assumed leadership for developing and facilitating the plan, but you will find several goals and strategic initiatives where we must partner closely with others to realize our aspirations.

We find ourselves in the digital era where the volume, velocity, and variety technology change is rapid. Traditionally, we have invested in technologies as singular solutions.  We believe this plan provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to investing in solutions which align with, support, and enable various aspects of the University’s strategy.

When we, the 74 professionals in Information Services, working with our campus stakeholders and partners, accomplish the goals and initiatives in our University Information and Technology Plan, we will improve everyday technology services.  Additionally, we will enable and accelerate our campus partner’s strategies to achieve academic excellence, student success, constituent engagement and operational efficiency.  Thank you for taking time to stop by and please stop by again to check on our progress!

Keith W. “Mac” McIntosh
Vice President for Information Services and Chief Information Officer
University of Richmond